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Well I certainly hope I have not spoken too early, but it appears that a couple of the more notorious bots on the World of Tanks SEA server may have in fact been BANHAMMERED! The 2 in particular that I had reported over and over again have not played any games since Tuesday just gone. Until now I had pretty much seen them every single day, botting away, doing their best to ruin the gaming experience of the 14 or so players on their team that actually cared about doing their best and winning the match.

Everybody’s favorite Lorraine windy008 is one of them, this clown would be driving off blindly at the start of every match and getting blown up without making any effort to avoid incoming fire or return it. This guy was probably the most famous bot on the SEA server, nearly everybody knew who he was and hardly an evening went by without hearing about him on teamspeak. “Oh crap windy is on my team, guess we are a tank down this match”.

Another notorious bot that I certainly noticed but others may not have is TomCatsG, you may not have encountered this particular guy as he/she was mostly active during the day and less so in the evenings, he (could be a she but I’m gonna go along with the statistical probability that it’s a he) mostly played in the mid tiers as well, so unless you play during the day and run mid tiers (like me) you may not have seen this one being active, or should I say inactive.

TomCatsG - World of Tanks Bot

Here is TomCatsG parked in a ditch, if you look at the orientation of his tank compared to the spawn point it’s not hard to see that he just drove forward until he got stuck.

Not sure if it is a coincidence but after botting with seeming impunity for weeks, these guys appear to have only had action taken after this thread appeared in the World of Tanks SEA forums. I made a couple of somewhat strongly worded posts in that thread, here and here, basically insinuating that somebody was not doing their job if so many complaints could be made a bout a player botting and nothing was being done about it. Here is an excerpt from the first post.

Wargaming, you have been given overwhelming evidence from the community yet cannot or will not take any action against these serial offenders. To me this suggests gross imcompetence or possibly even collaboration. Really need to lift your game guys, give the people running that department a good kick in the butt as they appear to not be doing their jobs at all.

And as I implied in the second post, it cannot really be that hard to identify these botters with the volume of complaints they have to be receiving about these players, the SEA community is still very small and young, botters like these stand out boldy here than they would on the larger more mature servers where people don’t encounter the same people as regularly. Botters are a problem on the other servers too, however those servers are much larger and you are less likely to encounter them multiple times during a play session. Here on the SEA server it’s not unusual to see the same botters 2 or more matches in a row.

None of the mods have responded to the post, and as I stated in the thread it’s not the job of the forum mods to enforce ingame offences, they are two different departments with different responsibilities, however It appears that it may have found it’s way to the right people as shortly afterwards a mod posted this in an off topic thread.

Yep we know about such issue ;) We are working on it – soon you will see changes – My official statement – Players who use bots will be punished ;)

I am not so full of myself as to claim that I am partly responsible for Wargaming finally taking action against the bots, it’s probably a coincidence and a combination of several threads complaining about bots on the SEA forums. But it is good to hear that they are acknowledging the problem and appear to be finally doing something about it.

If this is true then it is indeed great news for the budding World of Tanks SEA community.

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