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Well it has been about 2 weeks now since my account was transferred from NA server to the SEA server. And an interesting 2 weeks it has been. I have had well over a thousand battles on the new server now and if anything has stood out it would be the overall appalling quality of random battles.


World of Tanks SEA server AFK bot

TomCatsG serial botter – click to enlarge

The number of botters I have encountered in 2 weeks on the SEA server has been astounding, I’m not entirely sure what exactly defines a bot to be honest, but personally I define it as players that do nothing except roll forward out of the spawn until they either hit an obstruction which means they spend the rest of the battle there, or they get killed by the other team, often without even firing a shot in return.

3 complaints per day for the ingame reporting system is just not enough to cover all the bots you encounter in an average day on the SEA server, many players have complained that they use up all 3 complaints within the first couple of battles.


World of Tanks SEA Server Camper

M6 AFKing through a match on the SEA server.

It’s extremely rare to not get at least a couple of AFKers in every random battle, unlike the bots these oxygen thieves can’t even be bothered to run some kind of script that moves their tank out of the spawn point. Instead they just sit there the entire battle, until either their team manages to somehow pull off a win without them, or the team folds due to being outnumbered and they get killed at the spawn point without even firing a shot back.

I’ m surprised these people even make any credits. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes people have genuine reasons for being AFK, sometimes we have a real life situation that requires our attention after we have pressed the big red button. I have myself on very rare occasions missed an entire battle, or only been able to join half way through due to some kind of AFK emergency.

Or perhaps sometimes the cursed crash to desktop bug has struck them, I know it hits me about 1 in every 10 or 20 battles. However the sheer number of AFK’ers in random SEA battles suggest that it’s something more nefarious than people having genuine reasons. It has been suggested that people employed by the powerleveling services  are running multiple accounts at once to grind out experience for multiple customers at the same time. So maybe we should be thanking the lazy players that pay others to do their grinding for our low quality gaming experiences.


World of Tanks Camping, AFKing, Botting

Note the shocking winrate on this guy, camping next to my SPG

Probably the least serious problem, but annoying nonetheless are the campers. Campers, campers and more campers. I swear some people are scared of getting the paintwork on their tanks scratched. They move to a far corner of the map and sit there for most of the battle, scanning the horizon for targets to shoot at. But guess what? the battle is raging somewhere far away and by the time they realise that they need to move forward (if they realise at all) it’s too late and their poor outnumbered team mates have been slaughtered.

Pro Tip: You get far more experience and credits moving forward out of the base and engaging the enemy, preferably with a group of friendly tanks and not alone.

So there you have it, I’m really not sure what these players are trying to accomplish besides extremely poor win rates.


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