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The World of Tanks SEA server is up and running, the transfers from the NA, EU and RU servers have been completed and people have spent the first few weeks slowly getting to know each other and mostly having a good time. (Well except for those that missed the transfer window because it closed with only 2 days notice and was not particularly well publicized, but that’s a whole other story). Think of it as being a bit like the first week of a new Big Brother season, people are still showering in their underwear, sleeping in their own beds and generally trying not to do anything too controversial in order to avoid being the first evictee.

However now that we have been gaming together for a few weeks certain behaviors are beginning to fray some nerves, the forums regularly feature complaint threads that are often written out of frustration (yes I am guilty as charged there). So rather than complaining on the forums I decided to do something to help alleviate the problem by writing a (not as short as I thought it would be) guide to being a good citizen on the SEA server. I understand one major difficulty in writing such a guide is the fact that so many different languages are spoken here and English is not the dominant language as it is on the NA server. So if you are fluent in English as well as one or more of the other languages of the SEA region feel free to translate this guide. However please make sure you give credit to me and a link back to this original page.

So here it is, consider it a work in progress as I may update it in future, I’m sure you readers will have plenty of “but it should be ok to do this when this happens” I’m fine with that, we all play our game in our own way so continue doing what you do as long as you aren’t being obnoxious or annoying. These are just suggestions so you are free to take them on board or ignore them.

1. The F keys – Please use them responsibly

The F keys are for quickly relaying important information during the heat of battle and really should be used sparingly. I recommend making an effort to remember each of them and their function (there’s only 6) so you don’t have to hit them all to find the right one as some newer players seem to do. Here is a quick explanation of each of the keys and some recommended uses. Pushing any of the F keys repeatedly ie “Spamming” is not a recommended use and is something I would strongly discourage unless absolutely necessary. eg if people need to get back to base ASAP due to a flank failing and nobody is moving. These are just suggestions as opposed to iron clad rules on when you can or cannot use them, please just use some common sense and discretion with them as spamming keys only tends to annoy other players and get you placed on ignore lists.

F2 – Attack!

Probably one that I use regularly during the mid to end of a battle, pushing it at the beginning is generally redundant as people are still moving towards their chosen positions or setting up etc.

Sometimes people get caught up camping or trying to snipe when they should be pushing, using the F2 key will sometimes prompt people to start moving. Pushing it repeatedly when the team is already pushing a flank and doing well is just unnecessary.

F3 – Back to Base!

Best saved for situations where the team actually needs to get back to base. Hitting this on an assault map is just ridiculous (yes I see it regularly). Probably one that sometimes needs to be hit a lot when people are still pushing one flank or camped in the middle of the map somewhere while the enemy is rolling towards the base on the other side. Sometimes you need to spam this to wake some people up to the fact that a flank has folded and the team is in danger of losing the battle.

F4 – Follow me!

Like most of the F keys, this does not need to be repeatedly spammed, if you are a heavy and looking for some more support by all means hit it once or twice to hopefully encourage someone to follow you, if the whole team is going that way already then there’s no real need to use it. If you are a fast tank that is just racing off down the center of the map to certain doom, you probably should keep your fingers off all of the F keys or consider removing them from your keyboard.

F5 – Affirmative!

Basically means “Yes”, feel free to push this to let your team mates know that you are aware of whatever it was they were trying to bring your attention to. Probably the least used key in random pub battles.

F6 – Negative!

Aka “No”, I regularly use this when people give silly commands, eg fast tanks racing off the center spamming the “Follow me” key usually get this as a reply. Other situations I use this include people spamming attack when we should be defending or people spamming “back to base” just because 1 suicide scout broke through and there are people dealing with it already. Feel free to let the team know you disapprove of a suggestion by using this key, just don’t spam it.

F7 – Help!

Please save this key for situations where there is actually a chance of getting some help. If you are all alone on a flank while the rest of the team goes the other way, feel free to make judicious use of F7. If you got caught in a bad spot, are tracked and being shot at by half the team, take the death rather than trying to get more teammates killed trying to save you. I also occasionally use it when I see an opportunity to push but the teammates that I hoped would support me chose to camp instead.

The T key

T Key Spammer

Don’t spam your “T” key 7 times like this person

This is a great key that typically either gets underused or abused. When you have multiple tanks from both teams all in a situation where they can shoot each other, the team that concentrates fire the best is usually the team that comes out on top. There’s an old saying that goes something like “he who chases 2 rabbits catches neither”. The same goes for world of tanks, he who tries to kill 2 tanks at once kills neither. Use your T key to let others know which tank you are shooting at (hopefully you are prioritising your targets) and hopefully they will do the same, on the other hand if you have multiple tanks to shoot at and a teammate is hitting T on one of them, help him to destroy that tank rather than shooting at something different.

But just use it once, seriously there is no need to hit T 7 times on a tank as I regularly see on the SEA server (see the pic above).

Map Pinging

Please don’t spam ping the map, it’s annoying and irritating and usually achieves nothing but to give you and your clan a bad name, pinging random locations on the map without giving a reason is also a waste of time, please save the map pings for bringing your teammates attention to something that actually needs their attention.

If somebody else has pinged that location there’s no need to add to the spam.

If half the team is already attacking the target, there is no need to ping that tanks location.

If you want some tanks to go to a certain point on the map feel free to ping it once, don’t ping every square between the base and that location.

Going to leave it there and call it part 1, I have a lot more to add on topics such as blocking, camping, teamkilling and bringing nationalistic or racist issues into the game. This post is already a bit longer than I intended so I will put out a part 2 in the next day or so.

Remember guys, please ping sparingly and responsibly.

Happy Tanking


Read Part 2 here

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