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World of Tanks Pub Game Guide for Dummies

20 simple tips on how to not look like a complete noob in world of tanks games

Hi and welcome to my new site. This is just a mildly humorous, tongue in cheek guide to how to not look like a complete and utter noob when playing world of tanks public games. It’s not intended as a serious strategy guide, please come back later for those, I will hopefully be adding some at a future date.

Unfortunately the majority of players that should be reading a guide like this will probably not see it. If you want to help out your fellow new players or maybe just give your friends and clan mates a bit of a chuckle please feel free to link to this guide. Spread it far and wide, just give credit to the original site it was posted at which is transcendedgaming.com. If you have any funny tips to add, please do so in the comments, If I like them I will edit them into the guide and give credit to the Author that suggested it.

So without further ado, here is my first post on my new gaming site.

World of Tanks Pub Game Guide for Dummies – 20 Simple Tips on How to Not Look Like a Complete Noob

1. Your gun works just fine I promise. There is no requirement for test firing it at the beginning of each map. The only thing you are testing is Wargaming’s team damage compensation system, which also happens to work just fine.

2. Unless your mom plays World of tanks and is in a platoon with you, don’t bother pushing F7 (Help!), nobody is coming to save you. If you rushed off by yourself and ran into 5 enemy tanks with no support you screwed up, take the death like a man (or woman) and learn from the mistake. Don’t make it worse by getting your teammates killed as well.

3. People that spam the “follow me” key are the last people you want to follow. Turn around post haste and drive in the opposite direction, then chuckle to yourself when they run headfirst into 5 enemy tanks and start spamming F7.

4. Just because you have a fast tank, doesn’t always mean you should be in front, usually the first tank to find the enemy is the first tank that gets blown up. You don’t get very much experience or credits for being blown up first.

5. The tanks with the really big guns and lots of armor tend to be slower, so if you are in a medium or a fast TD, consider keeping your finger off the W key for a minute to let them catch up. You won’t be getting any support from the slow tanks that are still climbing up the hill you just raced over.

6. If your teammates aren’t following you maybe you shouldn’t be going that way, just because you are driving into a death trap, doesn’t mean your teammates are noobs for choosing not to follow you to certain doom.

7. Just because you raced into a death trap and somehow didn’t die, doesn’t mean it was a good move. Even a broken watch is right twice a day.

8. Pub players will usually do what gives them the best experience and credits, not necessarily whats best for the team. Don’t expect them to be fighting it out for the right to sit in base and guard your SPG or TD.

9. If you are fighting a group of tanks and wondering why your teammates aren’t shooting at them, maybe you need to back up. Fight where your teammates can support you, instead of rushing to where the enemies can all get a free shot at you.

10. Your artillery cannot shoot through mountains, rocks or buildings, stop complaining about arty “sucking” when you pinned the enemy behind a bigass rock.

11. This is not Call of Duty or some other fps where you can point a fricken laser beam and invoke death from above. Artillery are not at your beck and call, they can and typically will decide for themselves what to shoot at.

12. There is no such thing as “killstealing”, it’s a team game numbnuts. Just be grateful that someone was supporting you, the same idiots that cry about killstealing are also the first to cry about lack of support when they are getting pwnd.

13. Don’t suicide scout, a dead scout is a useless scout, congrats on lighting up half of the enemy team in their base before you died, your deeds of valor will be remembered, at least for a few seconds until all the red dots disappear. Chances are nobody on your team was in position to hit any of them.

14. Just because you can see it, doesn’t mean you should shoot it, especially if you are in a light tank and hidden. Shooting or moving tends to just attract attention to yourself and lower your life expectancy, sometimes it’s better to stay hidden and let your team mates give you some free exp and credits.

15. Yes if you are the one spotting for them, you get a share of the exp and credits for the damage your team does, and if you do it right you won’t have those pesky repair or ammo bills.

16. Nobody cares that you are the bottom tank. Quit whining about how you are going to be useless. Go hide in a bush and spot for your team.

17. Nobody cares that you are stock. Everyone has to deal with crappy stock tanks of their own, suffer in silence like the majority of players.

18. Matchmaking can be a bitch at times, deal with it. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

19. Quit crying when you lose, unless you are an exceptional player (or being carried by them) you are going to lose 50 (+ or – a few) out of every 100 matches you play. Deal with it.

20. If your tank got destroyed in the first 2 mins, you screwed up. Learn from it, then either leave the game and jump in a new tank or hang around and watch the people that didn’t rush off and die. The last thing you should be doing is hanging around bitching at your team, nobody cares for the (usually wrong) opinion of some noob that rushed ahead and got pwnd in the first 2 minutes. You aren’t in any position to hand out criticism or advice. So don’t.

So there you have it, 20 simple tips to help you avoid looking like a complete noob when playing public games in World of Tanks. Hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to share a link with your friends etc. Please don’t just copy and paste it, but you are most welcome to link to it as you see fit.

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